When I started this website, I had a vague vision of what this would be. But over time, my vision has grown.

Most importantly, I learned that CREATIVITY is what gets me pumped.

And I realized that everything I do and love in life is based on being creative...

Music, mixing, and finding new ways to help others.

But what REALLY gets me going is seeing the impact we can have with the things we create, while having fun every step of the way.


I want to help you be more creative. I want to help you get your music out there…

So YOU can have an impact. So YOU can get the appreciation you deserve.

You have the ability to produce great music and share it with the world - regardless of your situation.

Are you a musician who writes, records and mixes your own music?

You're in the right place.

If that’s NOT you, there is still a lot you could learn from me - but there might be better websites out there for you.


Your mission?

To produce something you are proud of. Something that makes other people smile. Something that has a small impact on the world.

My mission?

To help you do that in as little time possible, and feel proud of your work.

Rob Mayzes​


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