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✅  How to become a ‘Hybrid Musician’ - and why it’s the key to success in the new music industry

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Discover the little-known Remote Freelancer system for creating a part time or full time income in music, working from a home studio.

Here’s just a few of the breakthroughs revealed on this brand new masterclass:

  • The game-changing business model that discards the old-fashioned music business model and allows virtually anybody to make a full time living from music.
  • The #1 reason 99% of musicians never make a penny, and why Remote Freelancing is the easy way to finally get started.
  • How to become a ‘Hybrid Musician’ - and why it’s the key to success in the new music industry.
  • 3 reasons why you can start charging artists good money for your services even if you’re relatively new to mixing.
  • The real reason why your mixes don’t sound pro yet - and how to create radio-ready music at home.
  • Why moving to LA, daily networking and late night parties are no longer necessary to land gigs in the modern music industry.
  • How to start earning money from music around your day job as a zero-risk way to break into the industry.
  • The #1 reason why most people fail to make a penny from music - if you think you have to be a high profile producer like Pharrell, or build a fanbase of millions, it’s no longer the case!
  • How to find the small segments of the music industry that most people ignore… however they’re ripe for the picking as a home based Hybrid Musician where you can easily make a full time income even if you never become ‘famous’ at all.
  • Learn the only 3 things you need to make an income from music, what they are and the surprisingly simple way to get started in the industry today.

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Who is Rob Mayzes?

Rob Mayzes is an audio professional, musician, educator and founder of Musician on a Mission - a global education movement with over 200,000 students worldwide.

Through Musician on a Mission, Rob has spent years helping home studio enthusiasts and professionals alike to create radio-ready music from home.

Rob uses the 80/20 principle - that says 80% of your results come from 20% of your knowledge - in his teachings to show that you don’t need to know everything about mixing to create incredible music.

Having been featured on world renowned platforms like Udemy, Pro Audio Files, The Recording Revolution and others, Rob continues to help passionate musicians create great music and build successful careers in the music industry.


​Students Enrolled

75 Minutes


Make notes

And have fun!


Students Enrolled

75 Minutes


Make notes

And have fun!

It's time to end the confusion and start making an income from music today!

If you thought you’d need a full studio, or all the right music industry contacts, or millions of Spotify streams to make big money - you don’t! Now all you need to get started is a computer, Internet, and the right tools and information.

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