Brand New "Peak & Valley" Compression System Brings Your Mix To Life


Conquer compression. Make better mixes.

Feel proud of your music.

Compression Breakthrough is a self-paced online course that will give you a simple framework for compressing any mix.

The core of the program is the unique Peak-And-Valley technique that produces high quality mixes without endless hours stuffing around with presets and control knobs. 

This is the first time we’ve ever pulled back the curtain on this!

Because there’s actually two parts to every note that gets recorded...

A Peak and a Valley.

Sounds really simple, right? But when you get into the program and see how his works, you’ll see how crucial this is to knowing what to compress and when.

The Peak-And-Valley technique gives you a blueprint - a framework - so that you can see at a glance how to configure your compressor... and how much compression to apply.

No more guesswork, no more long hours spent trying different settings, no more frustration...

This is 100% the simplest way I’ve ever seen to tackle something that so many budding sound engineers struggle with.

This is how Compression Breakthrough will transform the way you mix

  • You’ll learn the 4 Goals of Compression - Balance, Enhance, Glue and Fix - so you’re now compressing with INTENTION rather than just twiddling knobs
  • We’ll dive into all the fundamental controls of your compressor, exactly what everything does, so you’re never left wondering “Hmm, what does THIS knob do?”
  • We’ll cover the Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Makeup Gain... all of that, so you’re not left wondering about any of it
  • How to make your mix sound consistent, thick and punchy, or any combination of these, depending on your goals for that track
  • Then we’re going to look at creating DEPTH to your song, by making different instruments sound closer or further away in your mix
  • Then this: Are you struggling to turn instruments up in the mix, without the track clipping? We show you how to fix this in seconds
  • How to overcome a less-than-perfect recording environment with a compressor! Unless you have spent big money on your studio setup, chances are there’s some kind of room noise living in your recorded tracks, no matter how careful we are
  • Then there’s combining different types of compression to get a more transparent and colorful sound - this is some of the more advanced stuff we teach, but it’s actually relatively simple to learn
  • Does your mix sound lifeless or inconsistent? It could be over-compressed - we’ll reveal our secrets to spotting over-compression when you hear it, and how to fix it
  • Are you finding it difficult to really HEAR the difference your compressor makes? Here’s where we share with you our ‘A/B Method’ that shows you clear as day how your compressor is affecting your sound. This is scientific listening!
  • Then we’ll take you through the 3 main phases of compression in a mix - The Pre-Mix, The Mix Bus, and The Instruments - they all require their own setup and strategy
  • We show you how to ‘Analog’ your mix to make it sound warm and inviting
  • How to use Parallel Compression to get more color and control out of your compressor
  • How to use Sidechain Compression to fit all those instruments in your mix
  • How to compress the low end of a mix - which can be tricky because we hear low end frequencies much more quietly than other ranges
  • And so much more - this course covers absolutely everything you need to know about compression

BONUS #1: Stop Recording Amateur Vocals (eBook)

With this course you'll get a number of bonus items.

First up is a very useful book I’ve written called ‘Stop Recording Amateur Vocals’.

Compression is a huge part of mixing vocals - but I want you to make sure you’re recording them in the best way possible too...

Because you can’t polish up tracks that are poorly recorded.

It’s the old "can’t build a solid house on a bad foundation" principle.

So this book details all the steps and setup you need to do to record vocals to a professional standard.

— Discover the #1 mistake that people make when treating their rooms for vocals so you can treat your room properly and get a great sound

— Efficiently record great natural-sounding vocals so you don’t waste time re-recording or mixing for hours on end

— And learn how to work with other vocalists to make sure you get the absolute best out of them, so they lay down great sounding, easy-to-mix tracks for you

This book is valued at $37, and we’re seeing rave reviews for it...

From the way it’s made recording vocals easy in any home studio...

And the principles are applicable to recording any instrument

So now ALL of your instruments and vocals are going to be recorded as well as they can be - which makes your mixing easy.

But that’s just the start…

BONUS #2: Recording & Mixing Fundamentals (Online Course)

If you're starting to think all this might be a little ahead of your current experience in mixing - this bonus has got you covered.

'Recording & Mixing Fundamentals' takes you from the very beginning to a fully completed mix, no matter where you're starting from in terms of skill level.

Inside this comprehensive course…

— You’ll discover the key plugins that every sound engineer needs whether they’re in the spare room, or a multi million dollar studio

— I’ll share the way I look at signal flow and gain staging - two crucial fundamental elements of any good mix

— And we cover finishing your mix with a limiter and some easy steps you can take to make it sound like something you’d be proud to play for your friends

This course is worth every penny of $299, because it could save you weeks or months of trial and error.

I’ve seen so many people give up on all of this out of pure frustration...

Because YouTube can only teach you so much. It’s a rabbit hole that’s so easy to sink into... and find yourself watching your favorite cooking show for 3 hours instead of what you set out to watch.

That’s why I’m giving you a book AND another course with the Compression Breakthrough program.


BONUS #3: In-depth feedback from a pro engineer on one of your mixes 

I’m not quite done yet…

Because here’s the scenario:

Now you’ve recorded nice and clean, you have your mixing fundamentals down pat and your compression is on point, as far as you know.

What now?

How fast will your mixes improve when you have a professional engineer giving you personal feedback?

So that’s what I’ve done for you here...

When you join Compression Breakthrough before Friday midnight Pacific Time, I’ll also throw in a mix critique that you can use at any time.

This is a genuine shortcut to making leaps and bounds in your mixing progress, without hiring an expensive coach.

You’ll be able to submit your completed mix, upload it... and we’ll go through it with a fine tooth comb, analyze your settings and give you useful advice on what to tweak and where, to create the most professional sound possible.

Either way you’re getting our personal service that’s valued at $197.

Now you have everything you need to create your mix - and get useful ideas on how to make it better.

MENTORSHIP OPTION: One Hour Video Call with a Professional Producer

But... what if we worked together on a mix?

Here’s where I want to do something a little bit special, for those who are really serious about getting their mix to the absolute best it can be.

When you join the optional Mentorship program below...

You’re going to get something very special indeed.

You get everything in the standard package.

But the difference here is that you’ll also get a 1 hour video call with a professional producer and engineer.

It’s one-on-one, just you and him.

You’ll be able to show him your mix, and ask any questions during the whole call.

And right there on that call, he will analyze your mix in real time, discuss with you places to improve it.

You’ll learn lessons that only come from sitting side by side with somebody who’s been in the trenches for years.

This is one of the few people I trust to instruct our students and help you with your mix.

This is something you’d need to invest at least $300 in normally...

Because it’s an hour of his time, dedicated to making your mix amazing.

So that’s a total of $500 + $197 + $300... which equals $997 in total value for the Mentorship program.

The discounted fees and payment plans are below.

Get the 'Peak & Valley' secret to creating mixes you'll be proud to show off:


Get one-to-one time



or 3 x 159

  • Compression Breakthrough course with 8 hours of HD video (lifetime access)
  • Stop Recording Amateur Vocals eBook ($37 value)
  • Recording & Mixing Fundamentals course ($299 value)
  • In-depth feedback from a professional engineer ($197 value)
  • Get a 1 hour video call with professional producer Dylan Pines (ask questions and watch him analyze your mix) - ($300 value)

Why order today: 3 powerful advantages only available on this page

1. This is the lowest price these packages will ever be offered at. When I do release Compression Breakthrough to the public later on, and the value-added bonuses won't be the same — but when you enroll today, you can save up to $992 on this page.

2. Here's why we're doing this: It's our tradition to offer our biggest discounts and added bonuses as a reward for those who jump on board with a relatively program. And just quietly, we've had people clamoring to get into Compression Breakthrough since we closed the doors last time earlier this year.

3. You don't even have to decide right now - just say 'maybe' and it's yours. We are offering a 1-year guarantee on 'Compression Breakthrough, so there's literally zero risk in you taking this program for a test drive. All you do is watch the videos and complete the assignments, and if you're still not happy with the way you're using compression 12 months from now, you can ask for a full refund.

What’s the Full Curriculum?

​Module 1 - ​What is a Compressor? (Basics, Pt.1)

​Module 2 - ​Anatomy of a Compressor (Basics, Pt. 2)

Module 3 - The Styles of Compression, Pt.1

Module 4 - The Styles of Compression, Pt.2

Module 5 - Compression Tips and Tricks

Module 6 - How to Compress a Mix (From Start to Finish)

Module 7 - Common Questions

Module 8 - Recap: The Peak and Valley Technique

Who Is This Course Built For?

  • ​This ​program was built specifically for musicians who record ​their own music at home.
  • ​The tactics covered inside will work with any genre.
  • ​You can apply what you learn in any DAW.
  • The course caters for all ability levels. If you’re an absolute beginner, we start by going over what compression is and how it works. If you’re intermediate or advanced, you can skip that first module.

​Meet Your Instructor

​Professional producer


Dylan Pines is a Nashville-based producer and mix engineer, and Head of Content at Musician on a Mission.

Dylan and I worked together on this course, and although Dylan delivers the content, I played a significant role in designing curriculum.

And if you enjoy the way that I teach, I guarantee you will also enjoy the way that Dylan teaches. We have very similar views on production and very similar teaching styles - that's why we're working together on this.

Take the Course at Your Own Pace

The program is delivered via a private members area that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any device, 24/7. 

You can learn ​​in your spare time when it suits you. 

Log in whenever you like, wherever you like, and continue exactly where you left off. And you have lifetime access, so there's no rush to get it done.

ONE-YEAR Money Back Guarantee

Give the program a try, and if you don’t see an improvement in the quality of your music, you have a whole year to request a refund.

I’m giving you a whole year in case life gets in the way, or you struggle to find time to finish the course.

​Even if you do the work and see an improvement, but it turns out you can’t afford the program or the monthly payments, you can still message us for a full refund.

But to be clear, you need to finish the course and complete the assignments to request a refund. I'm only ​looking for students who intend to do the program, not ​people who want to abuse our lenient refund policy.

What People Think Of Our Courses

"My mixes have improved 100%. Like surreal. And now I know how to approach the mix with intention. Still a lot to learn to be a master but this absolutely provides the most stable foundation to learn and deliver a quality product." 

Will Lewis

"The course had a huge impact on my mixing. I went from almost coping EQ and compression settings found on youtube, to actually listen what the song nedded to get that sound I want. It was amazing!" 

Rob Woolrich

"Rob really lays everything out and you can see real results in weeks rather than years. The support team at MOAM are second to none (even Rob replies). Being involved in service based industries over the years, I can really appreciate this."

Joe Howard

"For me, with my daily job, it is a good format. I can quickly login during some free time. Most change in my workflow is the speed. I work more efficiently. Without listening I already know what I can set as parameters in the mix."

Luc Caeyers

If you want your mixes to ROCK just like these happy students, join now at this deeply discounted price:


Get one-to-one time



or 3 x 159

  • Compression Breakthrough course with 8 hours of HD video (lifetime access)
  • Stop Recording Amateur Vocals eBook ($37 value)
  • Recording & Mixing Fundamentals course ($299 value)
  • In-depth feedback from a professional engineer ($197 value)
  • Get a 1 hour video call with professional producer Dylan Pines (ask questions and watch him analyze your mix) - ($300 value)

Still Have Questions? Here Are ​My Answers

This sounds like a big commitment. Will I have enough time?

My main goal with this course is to SAVE you time.

How long would it take you to figure this stuff out on your own? Investing in this course is the faster option.

Plus, you get lifetime access. So you can take the course at your own pace, and if you can't login for a few days or weeks, no problem.​

I am only a beginner. Will this program be too advanced for me?

I make sure that everything I teach is easy to understand, even for absolute beginners. ​And if you're already and intermediate or advanced mixer, you can skip the first module.

We go very deep into compression and also cover advanced techniques, so this course is appropriate to any skill level.

My internet is pretty bad. Can I download the videos for offline viewing?

Yep! All of the videos are available for download if you don't want to stream them from the members area.

W​ho is Dylan Roth, and why isn't Rob teaching this course?

​Dylan Roth is a professional producer from Nashville. ​

​Dylan and I worked together on this course, and although Dylan delivers the content, ​I ​played a significant role in designing curriculum. 

We also bought professional mixer Jason Moss on board to help with the development ​of the course syllabus. Essentially, you're getting insight ​from three different professionals for the price of one.

​And if you enjoy the way that ​I teach, I guarantee you will also enjoy the way that Dylan teaches. ​We have very similar ​views on production and very similar teaching styles​ - that's why I hired him.

I really want to join but I can't afford the ​course. Can you help me?

Compared to a piece of audio equipment, this is extremely affordable. It's more logical to invest in yourself and your skills than more equipment that you don't need.

Investing in this course will save you money in the long term...

I spent tens of thousands and over 12 years learning this stuff. But I want to give you complete access for less than the cost of most premium plugins.

Plus, we have an affordable payment plan. You can get access today for only $29.

I am already part of Demo to Pro and HSU. How is this different?

This course is different in that it goes deep into one particular topic - compression. 

A lot of our other courses cover music production as a whole, and while they still cover compression, they don't go as deep.

This course is designed to be taken alongside our other programs by anyone who wants to really master compression.

Which genres does this course cover?

​Most of what we teach applies to any genre, but whenever there are differences we do ​our best to give examples and specify what those differences are.

There is also a whole lesson on how to compress different genres.

What's your refund policy?

You get a whole year to request a refund, but you need to finish the course and complete the assignments to qualify.

Which DAW do you use?

The demonstrations are given in Logic Pro X, but what we teach applies to any DAW.

Have a question that isn't covered here? Use the chat feature on this page (bottom right) or email us at [email protected]

Join now before the timer on this page runs out. The program will not be available after this time:


Get one-to-one time



or 3 x 159

  • Compression Breakthrough course with 8 hours of HD video (lifetime access)
  • Stop Recording Amateur Vocals eBook ($37 value)
  • Recording & Mixing Fundamentals course ($299 value)
  • In-depth feedback from a professional engineer ($197 value)
  • Get a 1 hour video call with professional producer Dylan Pines (ask questions and watch him analyze your mix) - ($300 value)