Fast growing music education company looking for an experienced COO

Musician on a Mission is looking for a COO with 5+ years of experience in executive-level management.

As the “Integrator” you’ll work alongside the CEO (the “Visionary”) to scale the company to 15M in annual revenue.

We’re looking for somebody who has previously scaled a company to 15M (or more) in an operational capacity such as COO, President, or General Manager.

About Us

We help people to make great-sounding music at home — and then make an income from their skills. How? With online courses and high-ticket coaching.

Right now we are at 3.6M/year but growing fast (10x growth since the start of 2020).

About the Position

This is a full-time, remote position. The company is registered in the UK but the vast majority of our customers and team are in the US (and the business runs in USD). Ideally, we are looking for candidates from the US or UK.

Here are some of the core objectives of the position:

  • Oversee the implementation of new initiatives to scale the company to 15M in annual revenue
  • Take over general management of the entire company
  • Leadership, management, and accountability for the executive team (Sales Director, Marketing Director, Client Success Director)
  • Improve systems and process within the company to streamline operations
  • Optimize finances to increase profit ratio
  • Oversee legal documentation and planning


  • Lead the team to $850k in monthly revenue by the end of Q1 2021. Responsible for implementing the vision/plan of the CEO to reach this milestone and subsequent growth goals.
  • Grow the company to $1M in monthly revenue by the end of 2021.
  • Responsible for implementing the advice of the CFO to ensure this number is met.
  • All company data is simplified, streamlined, automated, and 100% accurate (in real-time) across all divisions.
  • Employees/contractors feel as though they are empowered to run their functions and positions.
  • Company business decisions are made based upon accurate/informed data that is pulled from all systems that the COO is actively overseeing and managing.
  • Legal exposure for the company is minimized through active awareness/monitoring of all documents, occurrences, systems, protocols, etc.


  • Integrate the major functions of the business, run the organization, and manage the day-to-day issues that arise
  • Oversee the people, processes, systems, priorities, and strategy of the company
  • Supervise innovation and implementation of new ideas and initiatives
  • Key decision-maker about cross-functional communication, data, and project management
  • Oversee training and professional development of all employees
  • Own employee review process (first 90 days, annually)
  • Maintain awareness of financial transactions for errors, trends, and opportunities to reduce costs
  • Act as head of Human Resources, overseeing all hiring, compensation, and benefit decisions
  • Ensure that every member of our remote team can still thrive and feel connected despite being distributed around the world
  • Own and maintain legal documents
  • Oversee cataloging of all business entities for replication and acquisition of new businesses
  • Ensure optimized efficiency in processes and systems, both technical and non-technical
  • Maintain systems for culture, employee retention, overall corporate environment

Key Traits

Obsessed with organizational clarity • Strong leader and manager • Effective conflict manager • Catalyst for team cohesion • Goal achiever • Conceptual thinker • Employee developer/coach • Able to thrive under high pressure • Resilient • Adaptable • Decisive • Forward-thinking • Problem-solver • Persuasive • Incredibly fast learner


  • Previously scaled a company to 15M/year or more
  • 5+ years of executive-level management
  • Extensive leadership experience (managing a team of 20+ employees)
  • Advanced Excel/Google Sheets knowledge
  • Exceptional communication skills

What We Can Offer You

  • Six-figure pay with uncapped commissions (you will get a generous share of all profits made)
  • World-class training and coaching to help you to expand your skills
  • Team retreats every year

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