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Membership Program

From Your First Recording to Massive Mixes

Our best training program for taking you from where you are now, to studio-level mixes and thousands of fans. We only take on a small amount of new members each month. Join the waiting list below. 

Produce Pro Vocals

The Complete Vocal Production Masterclass

This is my flagship online course. We only open this class a few times a year. While the class is currently closed, you can get on the waiting list below.

Stop Recording Amateur Vocals

The Simple Step-by-Step System for Recording Professional Vocals at Home

Inside this book you will discover proven recording techniques that result in clear, exciting and impressive vocals every time.

  • Produce great music on a small budget by learning how to record vocals that sound professional (without spending a fortune on expensive equipment)
  • Record vocals that naturally sound great and don’t require any heavy processing (which makes mixing super easy and fun)
  • Create music that connects with the listener on a deeper emotional level by focusing on the vocals (so you can get more fans, reach more people and achieve your #1 goals)

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