Reverb secrets revealed: Learn how our brand new Shadow System...

Makes Reverb Easy

Discover the Unique 'Shadow System' our students use with reverb to create larger-than-life mixes

If your mixes are sounding flat, one-dimensional or just plain boring… you’re about to discover a breakthrough that makes them deeper, wider, and larger than life.

Here’s the thing… we’ve all bounced down a mix and it's come out flat and lifeless, even on our expensive studio monitors.

So we go back to EQ… compression… and then reverb - except what usually happens is we set a few knobs where we think they’re supposed to go, we hear a little reverb-iness, and we move on.

But come bounce-down time… it just doesn't sound right.

That’s where we come in… and when you master reverb, your mixes sound wide and deep.

The problem is: Most budding sound engineers find reverb so confusing they quickly give up on it altogether.

And it’s no wonder… most reverb plugins have more knobs and sliders than you ever thought a simple plugin could need. 

Yet nobody is teaching how to use reverb in depth… until now.


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As you already know: Reverb is the most complex effect in your DAW.

And if you’ve ever just tweaked a few knobs and hoped for a good reverb sound… you will have been disappointed at the result.

That’s why we’ve created Reverb Breakthrough - to finally make reverb easy.

Introducing your new secret weapon:

The Shadow System

The 'Shadow System' we teach our higher level students is all about creating depth and width in your mixes.

The Shadow System focuses on getting the space right before we focus on getting the tones right. This is all about taking our mix from 1D to 2D to 3D

Here's how it works:

- First we give the mix a sense of depth
- Then we give the mix a sense of perspective by using what we've learned about distance and direction.
- And finally we set our background instruments into the background, and our foreground instruments into the foreground.

Imagine seeing another person from a long way away...

The way our eyes judge distance is exactly the same as mixing with reverb in your DAW:

Ask yourself: how do you know they're far away?

- 1) They look smaller... (volume)
- 2) They are difficult to see clearly... (EQ/comp)
- 3) And from your perspective, they have a large shadow (reverb)

That’s where the name comes from... and we've found it turns the most complex effect in your DAW into a simple paint-by-numbers process that anybody can master.

There's 3 basic reasons why somebody might not try Reverb Breakthrough now:

#1 - You might think you need super-hearing...


Nobody is born talented. G​olden ears are a myth.

Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone has to train their ears. And everyone gets there eventually.

Even so, you don't need golden ears to be good at reverb

There are techniques you can use to identify the right settings to use on your reverb plugin, that don't rely on you having GOOD hearing.

Yes, you still need to use your ears, but there are things you can do to make it easier to apply reverb.

#2 - ​You might think you can just watch another YouTube video…

Sure, you can learn a lot about reverb on YouTube...

But ​most of it is just surface level. ​You end with a load of tips and tricks, but no "big picture" understanding of how it all comes together.

And nobody else has our special Shadow System of using reverb.

Of course, there are plenty of great articles and books too, but it really helps to see and hear everything in action.

Ultimately, these resources don't cover reverb in enough depth, and you end up wasting a lot of time.

#3 - ​You might think it will take years to learn reverb...

​The truth? It ​will take years IF you decide to figure all of this out on your own​.

But there are faster ways to learn...

​Instead, get a blueprint from somebody else who has already figured it out.

Then it ​will take days or weeks - not years.​

Why Conquering Reverb Makes Mixing WAY More Fun

So, if you’re struggling with reverb, know that it won’t be this way forever.

For years, I felt like giving up. I thought I’d never have the satisfaction of making something that sounded any good.

But eventually, after almost a decade of experimentation, I figured it all out.

Getting good at reverb was a vital step in getting to where I am now - it gave me the confidence to start charging for mixing, and set me on the path to the lucrative career that I have today.

And since I started Musician on a Mission, I’ve helped countless other musicians to create radio-ready music with great reverb.

Now I want to help you...


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What You'll Learn Inside

  • Space vs style - the 2 goals of mixing with reverb and when to use each one
  • The science of sound: A quick intro into how your sound wave changes when you use reverb properly
  • How to make a room sound larger, or smaller, to change where the walls are and bring the sound of the recording space in your head to life
  • The 5 factors that influence your reverb’s ‘room size’ and how to tweak each one
  • ​Confused by different reverb plugins having way different jargon and controls? We all are - I’ll give you the surprisingly simple secret to understanding your particular plugin in a few minutes
  • The 3 goals of every reverb setting - what they are, and how to achieve them even if all those knobs on your plugin seem totally random
  • ​The 3 D’s of reverb tone and how you can use them to completely customize your reverb sound
  • Did you know… there’s actually SEVEN different kinds of reverb effect you can use - and 2 different types of reverb plugin? No wonder it’s confusing… but Reverb Breakthrough explains everything
  • ​The ‘Abbey Road’ reverb trick that glues everything together in your mix with power and clarity - pro engineers have been using this one forever
  • Easy ways to create space in your mix - this is especially important when using virtual instruments!
  • Our special 5-step ‘Shadow System for creating 3D mixes with incredible depth, distance and width for the first time
  • Chances are you may be using pre-delay and decay time wrong - which isn’t your fault, but we will be smashing all the biggest reverb myths that aren’t helping your mixes one bit
  • The Mix Depth Matrix - a step by step way to set up your reverb without the guesswork
  • Discover simple ‘style reverb’ trick which artists like U2 and Radiohead use to 10x the emotional power of their songs 
  • How to add creative reverbs to your tracks that don’t add any mix gunk
  • Advanced Reverb - Makes using reverb easy on notoriously difficult instruments like drums, guitar and vocals

With all of this information you’ll be an expert at reverb - which is an incredible skill to have.

After all, this is the most confusing plugin your DAW has...  

So why getting confident with reverb has a significant impact on both the quality of your work AND your level of enjoyment while mixing.

It makes mixing even more fun!

When you're ready to dive in, choose the plan below that suits you. Otherwise, keep reading for more information about the course.

Get Reverb Breakthrough For Just $97


Get one-to-one time



Single Payment

  • Reverb Breakthrough course with 6 modules of HD video (lifetime access)
  • Mix critique - feedback on your mix from a professional engineer
  • Produce Pro Vocals - full 6-module vocal mixing course
  • Bonus: Get a 1 hour video call with professional producer Dylan Pines (ask questions and watch him analyze your mix)

​Bonus #1 - Professional Mix Feedback ($197 Value)

I’m not quite done yet…

Because here’s the scenario:

Now you’re using reverb like a pro, your mix is coming along, but you're not 100% sure it's ready for the world to hear... What now?

You need an independent 3rd party to give you feedback, and help you improve your mix.

So that’s what I’ve done for you here...

When you join Reverb Breakthrough before the timer runs out, I’ll also throw in a valuable mix critique that you can use at any time.

This is a genuine shortcut to making leaps and bounds in your mixing progress, without hiring an expensive coach.

You’ll be able to submit your completed mix, upload it... and we’ll go through it with a fine tooth comb, analyze your settings and give you useful advice on what to tweak and where, to create the most professional sound possible.

Either way you’re getting our personal service that’s valued at $197.

Now you have everything you need to create your mix - and get useful ideas on how to make it better.

​Bonus #2 - Produce Pro Vocals Course ($199 Value)

In case you're still not quite sure about this, let me help you out with something to sweeten the deal...

Our full Produce Pro Vocals course.

Produce Pro Vocals is the world’s only step-by-step system for making radio-ready vocals in a home studio.

It covers everything, from initial recording to finished mix.

And it's completely self-paced. You can login and continue with the lessons whenever it suits you. The entire course is about 7 hours long.

Here’s the thing:

If you want to make music that sounds professional, getting the vocals right is a crucial part of that process. If the vocals sound amateur, the whole mix is going to suffer.

  • Here’s what you’ll learn inside to guarantee that your vocals sound awesome…
  • The best way to record your own vocals when you have nobody else to help
  • How to get the best possible sound at the source by finding the right mic placement
  • The proper techniques for subtly editing the vocal to perfection (comping, pitch correction, auto-tune and more)
  • How to use compression and EQ to make your vocals sound radio-ready
  • How to use effects to make your vocal sit perfectly in the mix
  • And so much more…

This is a genuine shortcut to mixing radio ready vocals and perfectly suits what you're learning in Reverb Breakthrough. (There may be a little overlap on the subject of reverb... but this course does not cover reverb anywhere near as deeply as Reverb Breakthrough does)

Produce Pro Vocals is a full 6-module course that retails for $199, and when you join before this offer expires, you'll get it thrown in for free.

​What’s the ​Full Curriculum?

​Module 1 - ​What Is Reverb? (Basics)

​Module 2 - ​Anatomy Of a Reverb

Module 3 - Creating Space With Reverb

Module 4 - Creating Style With Reverb

Module 5 - Using Reverb With Different Instruments

Bonus Module - Common Questions

What Makes Reverb Breakthrough Different?

​This isn't like other online courses. The whole ​program is built around the idea of practice.

​First, I want to make ​something clear:

​Practice doesn't make perfect...

Practice makes permanent.

If you pick up bad habits now, they will haunt you for years to come.

I don’t need to tell you the importance of practice...

But even if you know you need to practice more, you still might wonder exactly what you should be practicing. Or how to practice effectively.

We can help. Throughout the program, we give you guided practice activities that will accelerate your rate of learning. You’ll get a ton of hands-on experience, and learn by doing.

(Of course, if you don’t have time to complete the assignments, you can skip them if you want - but we don't advise it)

​Besides, no other course addresses the issues associated with Erratic EQ.​ Instead, you'll ​have to develop your hearing before you can implement the techniques that you learn.

We set out to create a system that DOESN'T rely on good hearing. And this is the only place you can get that.

Oh... and nobody else is teaching The Shadow System which finally makes reverb easy.

Who Is This Course Built For?

  • This program was built specifically for musicians and engineers who record and mix music at home... and maybe even want to start earning income online from the music business
  • ​The tactics covered inside will work with any genre.
  • ​You can apply what you learn in any DAW.
  • The course caters for all ability levels. If you’re an absolute beginner, we start by going over what reverb is and how it works. If you’re intermediate or advanced, you can skip that first module.

​Meet Your Instructor

​Professional producer


Dylan Pines is a Nashville-based producer and mix engineer, and Head of Content at Musician on a Mission.

​​Dylan and I worked together on this course, and although Dylan delivers the content, ​I ​played a significant role in designing curriculum.

​And if you enjoy the way that ​I teach, I guarantee you will also enjoy the way that Dylan teaches. ​We have very similar ​views on production and very similar teaching styles​ - that's why I hired him.

Take the Course at Your Own Pace

The program is delivered via a private members area that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any device, 24/7. 

You can learn ​​in your spare time when it suits you. 

Log in whenever you like, wherever you like, and continue exactly where you left off. And you have lifetime access, so there's no rush to get it done.

Watch the video for a full tour of the private members area.

What People Think ​Of Our Courses

"Before I was ​taking a more "try it and see" approach. Now I feel like I know how to apply EQ in my mixes from start to finish and where and when I should use each tool."

Daedalus Wyss

​"Nice job. Helped me to understand what to do with EQ and why. Really helped me to put some reasoning behind things I have been doing blindly."

​Frank Marino

"My mixes have improved 100%. Like surreal. And now I know how to approach the mix with intention. Still a lot to learn to be a master but this absolutely provides the most stable foundation to learn and deliver a quality product." 

Will Lewis

"For me, with my daily job, it is a good format. I can quickly login during some free time and do some sessions. Most change in my workflow is the speed of working.​ Without listening I already know what I can set as parameters for certain aspects in the mix."

Luc Caeyers

ONE-YEAR Money Back Guarantee

Give the program a try, and if you don’t see an improvement in the quality of your music, you have a whole year to request a refund.

​I’m giving you a whole year in case life gets in the way or you struggle to find time to finish the course.

​Even if you do the work and see an improvement, but it turns out you can’t afford the program or the monthly payments, you can still message us for a full refund.

But to be clear, you need to finish the course and complete the assignments to request a refund. I'm only ​looking for students who intend to do the program, not ​people who want to abuse our lenient refund policy.

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Get the Reverb Breakthrough for just $97


Get one-to-one time



Single Payment

  • Reverb Breakthrough course with 6 modules of HD video (lifetime access)
  • Mix critique - feedback on your mix from a professional engineer
  • Produce Pro Vocals - full 6-module vocal mixing course
  • Bonus: Get a 1 hour video call with professional producer Dylan Pines (ask questions and watch him analyze your mix)

Still Have Questions? Here Are ​My Answers

This sounds like a big commitment. Will I have enough time?

My main goal with this course is to SAVE you time.

How long would it take you to figure this stuff out on your own? Investing in this course is the faster option.

Plus, you get lifetime access. So you can take the course at your own pace, and if you can't login for a few days or weeks, no problem.​

I am only a beginner. Will this program be too advanced for me?

I make sure that everything I teach is easy to understand, even for absolute beginners. ​And if you're already and intermediate or advanced mixer, you can skip the first module.

We go very deep into reverb and also cover advanced techniques, so this course is appropriate to any skill level.

My internet is pretty bad. Can I download the videos for offline viewing?

Yep! All of the videos are available for download if you don't want to stream them from the members area.

Who is Dylan Pines, and why isn't Rob teaching this course?

Dylan Pines is a professional producer from Nashville. 

Dylan and I worked together on this course, and although Dylan delivers the content, I played a significant role in designing curriculum. 

​And if you enjoy the way that ​I teach, I guarantee you will also enjoy the way that Dylan teaches. ​We have very similar ​views on production and very similar teaching styles​ - that's why I hired him.

Which DAW do you use?

​The demonstrations are given in Logic Pro X, but what we teach applies to any DAW.

I really want to join but I can't afford the ​course. Can you help me?

Compared to a piece of audio equipment, this is extremely affordable. It's more logical to invest in yourself and your skills than more equipment that you don't need.

Investing in this course will save you money in the long term...

I spent tens of thousands and over 12 years learning this stuff. But I want to give you complete access for less than the cost of most premium plugins.

I am already part of Demo to Pro and HSU. How is this different?

This course is different in that it goes deep into one particular topic - Reverb. 

A lot of our other courses cover music production as a whole, and while they still cover reverb, they don't go as deep.

This course is designed to be taken alongside our other programs by anyone who wants to really master reverb.

I thought Home Studio Masterclass was going to cover reverb in its entirety? Why is this not included?

Home Studio Masterclass certainly does cover reverb in its entirety, and includes everything I have learned about reverb in my 14 year career.

The main difference with this new course is that Dylan Pines is teaching. If you think it would be beneficial to learn from two instructors, this course is an excellent addition to the Masterclass. 

Which genres does this course cover?

Most of what we teach applies to any genre, but whenever there are differences we do our best to give examples and specify what those differences are.

What's your refund policy?

You get a whole year to request a refund, but you need to finish the course and complete the assignments to qualify.

Have a question that isn't covered here? Use the chat feature on this page (bottom right) or email us at [email protected]

You’ve always wanted your mixes to sound pro… now’s your chance

I can pretty much guarantee that REVERB is what’s holding you back from creating truly radio ready music.

Reverb is one of the most confusing effects in your DAW - which hurts every single one of your mixes.

Because everybody wants to teach you how to shape the sound of an instrument… but nobody wants to talk about the ROOM it’s recorded in.

Get that right… and your mixes automatically level up.

You’ve got 2 choices right here:

A: Do nothing and keep using reverb the way you always have been. And get the results you’ve always gotten.

If you’ve already mastered reverb - then great! You already know exactly what all the myriad of knobs do, how and when to use them, and the strategy behind proper reverb.

However, if you’re not 100% happy with reverb in your mixes…

If you’re frustrated at ending up with a mix that sounds ‘off’, and not really being sure where the problem is…

And if you know that just guessing at reverb settings…

Or trawling through hours of YouTube videos…

Or sitting at your computer for months using trial-and-error  is NOT giving you a pro standard mix, and you know you need to master this to become a pro level engineer....

B: Join Reverb Breakthrough now and finally discover the answers to the reverb questions you’ve always wondered about.

You’re about to level up your reverb sound and become a better engineer.

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Get lifetime access with updates for just $97


Get one-to-one time



Single Payment

  • Reverb Breakthrough course with 6 modules of HD video (lifetime access)
  • Mix critique - feedback on your mix from a professional engineer
  • Produce Pro Vocals - full 6-module vocal mixing course
  • Bonus: Get a 1 hour video call with professional producer Dylan Pines (ask questions and watch him analyze your mix)