Sales Coordinator Role

About You

If you’re passionate about sales and you love helping others…

Have great organizational skills and attention to detail…

And also love music and audio…

This could be a match made in heaven.

About Us

Musician on a Mission helps people to make great-sounding music at home, grow an audience and then make an income from music. How? With online programs and high-ticket coaching.

As I write this, we have over 45,00 customers, 150,000 email subscribers, 170,000 YouTube subscribers, and 300,000 website hits per month. The MOAM team consists of around 20 people.

So, this is your chance to join a high-performance team at a fast-growing startup in the music space.

About the Position

We have a simple business model. First people watch one of our webinars. Then, if they’re interested in enrolling in one of our programs, they apply for a free “Breakthrough Session”.

On this 45-min session, one of our Advisors will figure out if we can help the applicant or not – and give them some advice on how to best move forward and achieve their goals.

If they are a good fit for one of our programs, the Advisor will give them all of the information on the call and enroll them.

One of your main jobs as Sales Coordinator is to review all of the inbound applications for these free Breakthrough Sessions. We don’t speak to everyone who applies, and you will decide who our Advisors speak to.

Then, if you decide to keep an application, it’s your job to nurture the applicant and make sure they show up for the call.

You’ll be speaking to a lot of people every day, so you need to be both…

  1.  A people person who can easily connect with others
  2. Incredibly organized and able to keep track of a high number of prospects and interactions

This is why the perfect person for this role will have a background in both sales AND administration.

At a high-level, your mission as Sales Coordinator will be:

1) To increase the performance of the closing team by…

  • Reviewing all inbound call applications and managing the sales pipeline (30+ inbound applications per day)
  • Nurturing existing leads to a) pre-qualify them and collect as much information as possible, and b) make sure they show up to their appointment

2) To improve the effectiveness of the marketing team by…

  • Ensuring the review and cancellation processes are carried out effectively to maximize profits
  • Providing feedback on the quality of applications
  • Creating weekly/monthly reports and projections

If you consistently hit KPI, you’ll be earning over $2000 in commissions each month – and that’s ON TOP of your salary.

But that’s the MINIMUM we expect of you after a few months of experience and training. You have the potential to earn far more than this by generating more leads and increasing the quality of leads. The upside is uncapped – there is no ceiling to the commissions you can earn.

We invest heavily in our sales team (with world-class training and coaching) and pay extremely well as long as the performance is there.

The position is 100% remote, but you will mostly be working US hours (e.g. 9am-6pm Pacific Time). So, a US-based candidate would be best. If you’re in the UK, Europe, or anywhere else — you can still apply but will have to work weird hours.

This is a full-time position, with an expectation of around 40 hours per week, although you can work the hours you want to some degree. However, due to the fact that we get applications every day of the week, you will have to work Saturdays every week, and Sundays as well some weeks. In other words, on some weeks, your 40 hours will be spread over 7 days – but most of the time you will be working 6 days per week.

So, in summary, if you want to…

* make a lot of money, while having the life of your dreams (you can work from anywhere!)

* help millions of musicians around the world

* feel great about the product you are selling

* change lives

* have a fun working environment

* and be supported by someone who cares about your success as much as we care about ours…

Then this position might be for you.

Core Competencies

  • Be strongly skilled in organization, problem-solving, sales, and multitasking
  • Ability to work 30-60 mins on weekends as needed
  • Extensive admin experience is essential
  • Experience in sales is essential
  • Experience in marketing is beneficial
  • Experience with cold-calling will help
  • Experience working independently or remotely
  • Experience using G Suite (Docs, Sheets etc)
  • Experience using CRM and pipeline software
  • Great people skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Self-driven and eager to learn
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Strong initiative and ability to improve existing systems and processes
  • Extremely high standards (we only work with over-achievers)

General Qualities We Look For

Apply ONLY if you feel that you have these qualities:

* You must be LIKABLE and AUTHENTIC. Do people like you without you trying too hard? Can you be yourself easily?

* You have reliable phone and internet access on a daily basis.

* You must be METHODICAL – if you don’t like routine, and you don’t like details, this is NOT the position for you.

* You must LOVE the enrollment process, discovering if prospects on the phone are a good fit to work with us, and in general – helping people and talking to people.

* You must be COACHABLE. If you think you’re ALREADY a superstar and don’t know how to take constructive criticism, this is NOT a position for you. So, if you’re not open to GROWTH, DO NOT apply.

* You must have tremendous INTEGRITY. That means being able to say NO when someone is not a good fit for our program, even if this means you are losing possible commission. Doing the right thing for our business and our clients HAS TO be MORE important to you than making a sale (and actually leads to *more sales* in the future, anyways!)

* You must be looking for a LONG-term commitment, working with and for us. If you are trying to fill your time in between gigs, or while building your own business, DO NOT apply!

What We Can Offer You

  • Competitive salary and commissions
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Access to all premium Musician on a Mission training products
  • Opportunities for promotions and growth within the company

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, and if you are a serious go-getter…

Just complete this application form.

Don’t delay reaching out because we’re looking to fill this position immediately, and wouldn’t want you to miss out!

If this post describes someone you know, please forward them this page.

Thanks for reading,