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How I Went From Bedroom Demos to Studio-Level Mixes AT HOME in Weeks

Rob Mayzes, Founder of Musician on a Mission

Home recording and mixing is hard.

Really hard.

Like most people, I started out because I want to record my band.

I was excited to build a home studio. To finally get our songs recorded.

To have something to share with my friends and family. Something to be proud of.

It didn't quite work out that way...

​As you can imagine, my first recordings sounded HORRIFIC. Take a listen...


There I was.

Deflated. Disappointed.

I had no idea where to start.

Everyone goes through this initial phase.​

It's not easy. It can take YEARS to move past this point if you don't approach it strategically.

All the negative thoughts and doubts creep in...

"Im not good enough. I have no idea where I'm going wrong, so how can I get help? My mixes will never sound studio-level."

About a year after that first recording, things weren't getting easier.

Something happened, and I pretty much decided to quit.

Most people don't make it past this common road block.

But then I had a realization.

A moment of clarity that took me from bedroom demos to studio-level mixes in a matter of weeks...

...and kick started my career as a musician and engineer.​

More on that in a second.

Fast forward 12 years, ​and I am extremely lucky to have worked with some incredible people as both a musician and freelance mix engineer.

I never expected to help over half a million musicians to improve their mixes through Musician on a Mission...

Whether through the blog, or my premium courses and programs...

...but that's the way it happened.

Of course, my mixes have come a long way since that first recording, too.

This is a track off my latest solo EP. I set myself a challenge for this one...

It was recorded with one mic (se2200a) in an Airbnb with no acoustic treatment. I used amp simulation and drum software. The whole EP was mixed on headphones.

Everyone has major milestones in their careers.

I can pinpoint most of my success to 4 major realizations.

These 4 things are what allowed me to go from bedroom demos to studio-level mixes in a matter of weeks:

  1. ​A life-changing principle that I learned from a dead Italian economist (weird, right?)
  2. The realization that I had been mixing blind for years (and the simple solution)
  3. The fact that you only need 7 plugins to produce mind-blowing mixes at home
  4. The epiphany that stopped me from quitting and turned my life around (not just in music and mixing, but in all areas)

Have you ever thought about why you fell in love with music in the first place?

For me, it's about having an impact on peoples lives - and having fun along the way.

It's about making people smile.​

Mixing and home recording

That's why I am on a mission...

To help musicians like you skip years of wasted time and frustration...

So you can start producing better mixes today, feel proud of your music, and start having an impact.

Want to learn more about each of those 4 realizations...

...and what stopped me from quitting all those years ago?

I put together a short video series where I break down these 4 things for you.

This will have a huge impact on the way you approach mixing.

I want to send you 4 videos over the next few days, sharing each of these life-changing ideas.

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