Unedited Reviews From Past Students


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After going through the Hybrid Musician program, Brent landed his first paid music production client in just 4 days. Today, he’s on track to quit his job and go music production full-time!


"You guys changed my life. I've made $1,000 in less than 30 days from completing the course. I couldn't be more happy!"

Justin Rayna made $2,760 within 30 days of completing the Hybrid Musician Program, and continues to crush it:

Justin was able to quit his day job and start his own record label!

Jonny has blown up his fan base, landed a gig mixing and mastering for a record label, and is working closely with a producer connected to
Dr. Dre, Kylie Minogue, and Ms. Dynamite!

After completing Hybrid Musician, Steve made $1,100 producing beats and mixing for other artists!

Bastien didn't even finish the Hybrid Musician training and he's already landed 3 paid clients doing what he loves to do, recording and mixing!

John is a Hybrid Musician student who just landed his first $10,000 production job!

John wrote and produced a jingle for his client. The client was so impressed with his work that it led to a 10k deal to fully produce, record, mix, and master a total of 4 songs.

After completing the Hybrid Musician program, Myles is finally making money in music and on track to go full-time!

After four years of trial and error and not getting anywhere, Aaron enrolled in the Hybrid Musician program. He now gets paid for doing what he loves, charging $150 per mix.

Zach on our Hybrid Musician program...

After completing Hybrid Musician, Kyle is making a regular income recording, mixing, and producing music!

Olli landed his first 7 clients within 10 days of completing the Hybrid Musician Program!

"My mixes have improved 100%. Like surreal. And now I know how to approach the mix with intention. Still a lot to learn to be a master but this absolutely provides the most stable foundation to learn and deliver a quality product." 

Will Lewis

"The course had a huge impact on my mixing. I went from almost coping EQ and compression settings found on youtube, to actually listen what the song nedded to get that sound I want. It was amazing!" 

Rob Woolrich

"Rob really lays everything out and you can see real results in weeks rather than years. The support team at MOAM are second to none (even Rob replies). Being involved in service based industries over the years, I can really appreciate this."

Joe Howard

"For me, with my daily job, it is a good format. I can quickly login during some free time and do some sessions. Most change in my workflow is the speed of working. I work more efficiently. Without listening I already know what I can set as parameters for the mix."

Luc Caeyers




Folk Rock