4 Plugin Mistakes That Are Making Your Mixes Worse

The digital age changed everything. In the modern world of mixing, we have more options available than ever before.

We no longer have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the hardware we need for professional sounding recordings. Now, all we need is a computer and some software.

We live in an incredibly convenient time, but it’s a time with its own set of problems. The amount of options we have for our software toolbox is overwhelming.

Each DAW comes with dozens of stock plugins, and there are hundreds of third-party plugin developers out there, fighting for your dollars.

Every time we open up a project to mix, decision fatigue is nipping at our heels. So if we want to get better at our craft, we have to start making some hard choices.

In this guide, you’ll learn 4 mistakes you’re making with your plugins that are making your mixes worse. And they’re mistakes you can fix today.

Before we dive in, check out this free eBook on my 7 go-to plugins when I’m mixing. It’ll help to lessen your decision fatigue!

Download it here:

Let’s get started.

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How to Use Reverb Like a Pro – 3 Simple Techniques for 3D Mixes

The key to making your mixes sound modern and professional is depth.

A good mix is more than just a good recording. It has a sense of space, a ‘larger-than-life’ quality…

In essence, a good mix sounds 3D.

So, how do you achieve that?

It all comes down to your use of reverb and delay.

In this ultimate guide, you’re going to learn how to use reverb like a pro by applying 3 simple techniques

…and I’ll share 8 quick tips for mixing with reverb that will make your music sound more professional in seconds.

Plus, you’ll also learn the key difference between reverb and delay, and when to use which.

But first, grab the free reverb cheat sheet below to make sure you’re doing this right in every mix…

So you can avoid making your mixes sound messy, muddy and amateur.

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