Mixing with Headphones: 5 Tricks for Radio-Ready Mixes

Wish you could get radio-ready mixes from your headphones?

Some say it’s impossible.

But they’re wrong.

If you add a few simple techniques to your mixing process, you can get a pro-level mix anywhere, anytime.

Today, you’ll learn the 5 secrets to getting a professional mix with headphones.

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Am I a Solo Artist or a Band Member? (4 Things to Consider)

Once you’ve been bitten by the songwriting bug, you’re soon going to want to venture out there into the world of performance.

But you need to ask yourself one question before you take those first tentative steps:

Do I want to go solo?

Or do I want to be in a band?

There are pros and cons along each of these roads, so we’re going to work through them here to help you make the right decision.

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The BEST DIY Vocal Booth On A Budget (STEP-BY-STEP)

Looking to record clear, professional vocals on a budget?

A DIY vocal booth is your answer.

In this guide we’ll be covering how to build your own vocal booth at home for a quarter of the price of a professional booth.

But before we start, make sure to download a FREE copy of the blueprints to the Blanket Booth. Having this can save you hours of frustration – trust me.

Not only that, but we’re giving away a free size calculator so that you can make the dimensions of your vocal booth any size you want. You can customize it to exactly fit your space.

Don’t start building the Blanket Booth without it. Grab it here:


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Distortion: Give Your Tracks Color and Character (4 Quick Tips)

Digital recording has a lot going for it.

It’s precise, efficient, and convenient. The audio is clean.

Sometimes, though, it’s too clean. Something’s missing…

Enter harmonic distortion. If you want to achieve mixes that aren’t only good, but warm and pleasing, stick around.

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VOCAL THICKENING (3 Quick Tricks You Need to Know)


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Music Publishing 101: How to Not Get Screwed (And Not Screw Others)

Sometimes, people get screwed when it comes to music publishing.

*shocked gasps*

When that happens, this means that someone else is doing the screwing. DO NOT BE EITHER ONE OF THESE PEOPLE.

How might you stop this? Well, if you are the person doing the screwing and you know it, then it’s really quite simple: don’t.

If you are the person who is getting screwed the answer is quite simple: learn. This approach will also help to stop you from unintentionally screwing someone else.

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Musical Inspiration: 7 Techniques to Help Inspire Your Songwriting

Sometimes our minds seems to be wells filled to the brim with ideas. Just a couple of minutes is enough to dream up a huge new project.

But sometimes the well runs dry. No matter how hard you try to rack your brain for song ideas, nothing comes to mind.

To help you keep those ideas flowing, I’ve put together this guide to finding musical inspiration.

Inspiration is one of the most important tools in any creative’s bag. It pushes us to try new things and helps us stay excited about our work.

This guide is intended to help you think creatively more often, giving you more opportunities for inspiration to hit.

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